We offer most accurate and reliable medical translation services; Powered by 4650+ multilingual translators having MS or PhD degree(s) in various medical specializations.

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Medical vocabulary is too broad to be comprehensively understood. It is for this reason that you need a skilled and experienced linguist to help translate your clinical trial forms, manuals and regulatory documents – a common translator will definitely do you no good. Our medical translators have linguistic expertise in over 120 languages spread across Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and Europe.

In our team are professionals, trained to MD, PhD, MA/MSc and PharmD level, with therapeutic experience and well trained on guidelines of EMA/FDA and other medical bodies. They have thorough understanding of all medical terminologies and regulatory guidelines of their localities.

Our translation team (more than 4650+), spread over different time zones translates hundreds of thousands of medical words across different medical and scientific fields every month.

How it works

Translation projects are assigned based on a translator’s specialization, language, medical specialization, regulatory environment and healthcare practices. Our quality procedures are well tailored to meet highest quality level, taking account of the following steps (“4 level quality control”):

  1. Translations are only to be done by senior medical translators, and are native speakers of the language being targeted.
  2. An experienced medical translator will be responsible for proofreading, editing and checking the finished work. The medical translator will also be a native speaker.
  3. Validations and revisions are only to be done by the initial translator.
  4. The project manager will be responsible for reviewing completed projects. The manager is expected to have same level of experience in translation field.

Medical Translation Services

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