How to Improve Medical Translation Quality?

There might be production of poor quality translation if you are pressurized to provide translation at a very fast and cheap rate. High-quality medical translations can only be achieved with adequate time and money. You must ensure that you don’t produce poor quality if you are into translation, else your customer base will reduce drastically. The following are steps to take in producing quality translations with your Medical Translation Service Provider and internal processes. 3D Floor Plan Companies

Selecting Right Translators

It is very important that you work with qualified medical translator just like it is important to have a trained content developer. The translator should be a native speaker of the country of intent. He should also be experienced and specialized in the particular subject matter you are specialized in. you can also provide training services to you newly hired Translation Service Provider on your business, services or product. Preparation is very important. The project would be completed quickly if all necessary background ideas are treated. Development of glossary is also a part of a translator’s work. 3D Architectural Rendering Services

Building a Glossary of Terms

Glossaries are specialized terms that are particularly related to a product, industry, business or service used throughout the content. It is highly advisable to create a list of terms early on and give them to your Translation Service Provider for translation before the proper translation begins. This saves money and time. This helps to ensure that the proper translation is given to each term. These terms would be kept which would be used during the project. These terms are incorporated into the content later on during the project. Floor Plans for Real Estate

Using Translation Memory

The translation memory (TM) is where English and translated contents are kept. All content from every project is kept in the TM. The TM also houses the glossary of terms. The TM would continue to grow as you add more content to it. This would ensure that your translator have access to already translated content thereby saving time and cost. Any sentence that has previously been translated can be assessed in the TM, thereby increasing consistency. Real Estate Floor Planner

Comprehensive Quality Control

Proofreading/ QA is a very important step in localization cycle. QA experts needs to assess the work after it is completed to see if it passes the QA test. Reviewers from the country also needs to validate the translation. A QA expert check to see any error in the content and fix it. The checked content is then passed to the in-country reviewer for further review. You need to have different people review the translated content just like the English content.


Your translation would definitely be better if you can abide by the tips given in this blog post. We offer translation quality assessment service to help you check the quality of your content.

The quality of translation may be poor if you are looking for a quick and cheap translation. You will be happy you gave all is needed to get a quality translation.

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